Equine Assisted Therapy & Animal Assisted Therapeutic Learning
At Fresh Fields Shropshire

Equine Assisted Therapeutic Learning at Fresh Fields is all about using horses to help and support people with problems and mental health issues.

After starting and building up Fresh Fields, I have decided to start the animal and equine assisted Therapeutic learning programme to share the effect this wonderful location has with others.

Muckley Farm in Shropshire is a beautiful location and never ever in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I would have ended up here. With the settings, views and all the magical things that surround it.

We all have a place where we can remember we were happy. Full of beautiful colours.

For most of us things carry on as they should, and many of us can see through the obstacles, and the challenges that are put in our path.

Unfortuneatly some of us, for one reason or another, loose our way and find things hard to cope with.

I was one of those people, lost all faith, confidence and strength. But there was one thing I could always feel safe and happy with Horses. I have been around them since I was two, so it's fair to say virtually all my life. My aim is to share with others the effect horses and animals had on me so you too can benefit from their natural magic.

When troubles hit, they were always there. I admire their strength and power. They were my reason to have to get up and carry on. So through my beliefs and troubles I have decided to open Fresh Fields and the homebred horses into an Equine Assisted Therapeutic Learning programme for those who want to have something to belong and believe in. There is also an Animal Assisted Therapeutic Learningside too.

To find out more about Fresh Fields and how it can help you read more on our About Fresh Fields Page.

Love Sally.

rebirth Tranquility Snow

" Success is to be measured not so much by the position one has received in life as by the obstacles which one has overcome."

Sally at Muckley Farm

" We are only one person. We are our own destiny."